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Good nutrition provides a foundation for individuals and communities to grow and develop. Every society should strive to secure nourishing foods for its children. Poverty and neglect are threatening the health of many children in the Equatorial Guinea.

The consequences are varied:
increasing malnutrition, especially in children under five
decrease in brain capacity, which hampers creative thinking
decrease in physical activity
increase of alcohol and drug abuse as teens
increase of child neglect when a parent is unable to feed his/her children properly
increased isolation of rural communities from able children that can take advantage of education and academic opportunities

We Cannot Change the World, but We Can Help Change the Present of One Tiny Rural Village
iGA plans to work on eradicating malnutrition among the children in the small rural village of Ekuku.  The village is located on the mainland, about one hours walk from the city of Bata on the mainland portion of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.  This community has no viable businesses and most adults must find income outside of the village.
While we work on long term sustainable development projects to fight against abject poverty in the village, iGA would like to address the immediate problem of the malnutrition and neglect of the village children.
Many parents must rise early in the morning to walk for miles into the city to earn a very meager hand to mouth subsistence.  Many of the children in the village, especially the youngest ones, must wait to eat until late in the evening when their parents returns.  This is often when they get their first meal of the day, which may consist of a bowl of rice or boiled plantains.
iGA's plan is to establish a Children's Kitchen to feed the children 3 nutritious meals a week.  This will ensure that the children are getting the nourishment they need for their growth.  The parents, especially the single mothers, will then have a chance to save resources to better their households and maybe even participate in our planned community development projects.

How you can help:
ONLY $2.50 a week will feed one child 3 nutritious meals for one week
    * $10 a month will feed one child 3 nutritious meals a week
    * $100 a month will feed 10 children
    * $500 a month will feed 50 children
    * $2000 a month will feed 200 children 3 nutritious meals a week
    * $50,000 would sustain 200 children for 2 years

100% of your donations go to feeding the children

Our long term goal (3-5 years) is to move the Children's Kitchen to the neighboring village because in Ekuku there will be jobs, a small but good school and economic prosperity for many of the approximately 600 inhabitants of the village.

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